Tuesday's boys hockey quarter-final schedule/scores

NEWS CENTER - The boys high school hockey quarter-finals got underway on Monday night with a Lewiston win.  Here's the rest of the regional matchups that are all scheduled for Tuesday.  


(1) FALMOUTH             10

(5) CHEVERUS     3

(6) BIDDEFORD           3

(2) SCARBOROUGH          4


As storms pile up, plowing budgets are shrinking

SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This winter's harsh weather has caused costs for overtime, wear and tear on equipment, and salt and sand to treat the roads to balloon, breaking the winter operations budgets of municipalities large and small.

The Maine Department of Transportation spends an average of $15.7 million to remove snow from roads and highways across the state each winter.  This year, with a week left in February, the state has already spent $25.4 million.

While the state will not run out of money to take care of the roads, the cost overruns do have to be made up somewhere, so other regular maintenance, like trimming trees along side roadways, replacing old culverts and faded signs will most likely be delayed this spring.

Town seeking options to keep beaches public

YORK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While it is far from beach weather we've been having lately, Ronald Nowell, Chairman of the York Board of Selectmen, is anxious about future access to the town's beaches.

"It takes one private property owner to stake out his property and put up a sign and a fence, it is as simple as that," stated Nowell.  "Any of those private property owners could fence off the sections of the beach, and there is not a thing we could do about it."

Nowell has been concerned about the situation for decades, but a recent ruling by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in favor of property owner's rights to limit access to Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunk has him looking for options to keep public access to the beaches in his community.

He says closing the beaches would not just be an inconvenience, but devastating to the local economy.

Baseball memorabilia going up for auction in Maine

BIDDEFORD, Maine (AP) -- An upcoming auction gives Civil War buffs and sports fans a chance to buy a piece of baseball history.

Saco River Auction Co. in Biddeford, which sold a 148-year-old baseball card last year, plans to auction Wednesday a scorecard, four tickets and three concession passes from an 1862 game featuring the Washington Nationals and the 71st regiment of the New York Militia.

Troy Thibodeau from Saco River said the tickets, which are actually military passes, are important to collectors trying to understand the origins of baseball. Few artifacts from that era remain.

Thibodeau said a newspaper clipping and an invitation from the team president would also be auctioned.

The priciest baseball card ever is a 1909 Honus Wagner card, which sold for $2.8 million in 2007.


National Drink Wine Day

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Today is National Drink Wine Day! According to their website, National Drink Wine Day is celebrated to spread the health benefits - and the love - of wine.

The positive benefits of wine include the enhancement of food and life, as while as reducing the risk of heart disease.

National Drink Wine Day is celebrated annually on February 18 across the United States.

Grant will help fire department meet increased demand

BUXTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Like many Maine towns, Buxton is struggling with increased calls for emergency services and a reduction in the number of volunteer fire fighters willing and able to answer the call for help.

"We may show up to your house, we may not be able to go in because we don't have the people to go in and fight that fire," explained Buxton Fire Chief Nate Schools.

The volunteer shortage has lead to increased response times and a reliance on surrounding communities to help them cover calls when crews are already busy responding to another incident.

To temporarily help them fill the void, the Department of Homeland Security awarded the town with a $441,460 grant that will help them overcome this critical shortage in staffing for the next two years.

USM athlete takes leave to donate kidney to her father

GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Demi Ruder has made has given up a lot throughout her volleyball career. But that pales in comparison to the sacrfice she's about to give to her dad.

The sophomore at the University of Southern Maine will donate a kidney to her father Michael. Last May he was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, an autoimmune disease that causes kidney failure.

After hearing about the diagnosis, the Colorado native decided to go through the testing to see if she was match without him knowing.

"I finally told him I was in the process and that he didn't have any say in it" Demi said.

Not long after she revealed her intention to give him one of her kidneys, she received a phone call to confirm her test results: she was a match.