York County Senior College Lecture Series Takes Environmental View

Saco/Sanford, ME, January, 2011:  York County Senior College's latest entry in its Winter Lecture Series takes a look at energy and endangered species in a daylong focus on Maine's environment Wednesday, February 16.

            In the morning, Dr. Richard Silkman discusses "Competitive Energy: Choices for Maine."  Dr. Silkman, co-managing partner of Competitive Energy Services of Portland, is a former state planner under Governor John McKernan, serving as chief policy advisor on economic policy, energy, hydropower and river management, telecommunications regulation, state tax policy, health care regulation and land use and natural resources policy. 

            Co-founder of GridSolar, Dr.

Recycling Records Broken Every Month

Recycling Records Broken Every Month

ecomaine has broken its own recycling record every month for the past 12 months. From December 2009 through November 2010, its recycling facility has averaged 5,404,660 pounds per month and the organization expects that average to continue increasing well into 2011. Chairman of the Board of Directors Michael Bobinsky, who is Portland’s Director of Public Services, said, “Our educational outreach about the importance of recycling – both environmentally and fiscally – has been a major factor in convincing more people to make recycling a part of their daily routine.”

The fiscal impact, according to Bobinsky, from increased recycling for municipalities, universities, and businesses is significant because the cost of trash disposal is far greater than the cost of recycling.