Photo Gallery | Chickens in the snow!

We have finally had a thorough covering of snow on our little farm.  Normally the chickens don't like to walk on snow but apparently these ladies didn't get the memo!  They had a great time exploring in the snow and ventured quite far from the coop the day these pics were taken.  I can't for the life of me figure out why one of them appears to be sitting or nesting in the snow!  They do say snow is a great insulator but I couldn't sit in it like that!  Wow! 

In other news, last night the temp dropped to -4 F.  That's pretty cold.  So I made a small modification to the coop yesterday evening.  I added a 25 watt red light bulb to the top of the coop.  This takes the edge off the severe cold temps and protects their combs from freezing.   I've done this before and even talked about it previously in a story I posted.  Find the story by CLICKING HERE!