Photo Gallery | Hostess strike


BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It's now day six of the Hostess Brands worker strike in Biddeford. Workers remain on the picket lines this morning with a deadline to stop striking by 5pm tonight or else the company will shut down its operations.

Workers have been out all morning continuing the strike. They say the company has stopped putting their money into their pension funds last year, but they say the company is still taking that money out of their pay.

The Texas based baker is going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy and officials say workers must make concessions in order for the company to continue on. Yesterday Hostess posted a message on its website saying if the strike doesn't stop by 5pm tonight, it will file a motion in federal bankruptcy court to liquidate the entire company. More than 300 workers are currently on strike in Biddeford. They say they can deal with some cuts to benefits and wages, but many say they count on their pension payments for retirement, and the strike will continue until they get answers.

Workers say they will continue to strike past the 5pm deadline. The company says it could begin to close all of its operations beginning Tuesday if the strike continues.