Four men plead guilty in Zumba Prostitution case | News

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Four men plead guilty in Zumba Prostitution case

ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Four men have pleaded guilty to engaging a prostitute in connection with the so-called Zumba Prostitution Case.

The names of the four men had not yet been released.

The case revolves around accused prostitute Alexis Wright and her alleged co-conspirator Mark Strong. Bewteen Wright and Strong he two are facing dozens of charges for prostitution, tax evasion and invasion of privacy.

Prosecutors allege that Wright and Strong ran a prostitution ring out of her Zumba dance studio in Kennebunk. They say the pair kept a list of clients.

Kennebunk police have been working their way through the client list and are releasing the names of the alleged johns as they issue summonses. They've been releasing between 15 and 20 names every other week.

The York County Superior Court in Alfred says that earlier this month, Benjamin Bouma, from Peoria, AZ, Ryan Saucier, from South Portland, Bradford Siegel, from the town of Cumberland and Michael Sherwood, from Portland, pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor crime.

The men were all fined for the crime. Bouma paid $490, Saucier $970, Siegel $610 and Sherwood $970.