Kennebunk teen has wish granted | News

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Kennebunk teen has wish granted

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Ethan Houle had a day he'll never forget.  The 17 year old from Kennebunk didn't travel to a theme park or an exotic locale to have his wish granted, just up the coast that he loves so much.

Houle, who has been battling a debilitating kidney ailment for the past two years, loves to fish out on the ocean.  From now on, thanks to theMake-A-Wish Foundation, he'll be able to do so in his own boat.

"It just kind of gets you away from everything else, just to be out on the water and fish and all that," explained Houle.

The teenager, his mother and a couple close family friends, took a special behind the scenes tour of the Coast Guard facility in South Portland.  After arriving in a limo and enjoying a prime rib lunch, his favorite, Guardsmen whisked him and his guests around to show him how they conduct operations from land and sea.

Once the tour was complete, Ethan was brought to Portland Yacht Services, where inside one of the complexes maze of buildings sat a brand new boat, outfitted with all the safety and fishing gear he'll need to head out on the water.

"This is the best thing," beamed Ethan.  "The opportunity that has been given to me to be on the water, and just go fishing and take people fishing, is great."