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Sally Beauty Supply data breach

BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Sally Beauty Supply, which operates several stores in Maine, appears to have become the latest retailer to be the victim of a data breach.

According to Brian Krebbs, an industry expert, as many as 280,000 credit and debit cards which may be linked to Sally Beauty Supply's store payment systems have been detected for sale on the internet. The retailer first noticed suspicious activity around Feb. 24.

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc., which reported $3.6 billion in revenue last year, issued a statement yesterday saying that it had detected an attempted intrusion by hackers at the end of February.

The Secret Service said it is not involved in an investigation of Sally Beauty Supply at this time.

A statement from the corporation concludes by saying "...we have no reason to believe there has been any loss of credit card or consumer data. We will continue to investigate and actively monitor this situation..."

Mainers who shopped at a Sally's Beauty Supply store between the last week in February and March 2, 2014 should monitor their credit card accounts carefully and cancel any debit cards used at a Sally Beauty Supply store between February 24 and March 2, 2014.

Sally Beauty Supply stores will update any information they receive on their Facebook page. For questions or information you can contact or call 1-855-463-4343. To learn more information about identity theft and their data breach kit, visit