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Sweet Cheeks Diaper Company opens in York
Sweet Cheeks Diaper Company opens in York

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Company which will specialize in all natural baby products and supplies including cloth diapers, laundry products, baby accessories and skin care products has opened in York.  The business is located at 4 Market Place Drive and is owned by Karen Osper (who also owns Nautical Dog Pet Grooming in York).

The store will be will be managed by Leslie Reichert. "This is a store for Mom's and run by Mom's. Both Leslie and I are new Mom's and we were looking for a place that offered high-quality, affordable, all natural baby products for our boys. After a lot of internet searching we found that the Seacoast really didn't have a store that specialized in these types of products so we decided to open one ourselves."   "We are very excited about this new business venture." said Osper.

The goal with Sweet Cheeks is to be more than just a cloth diaper store.  Osper and Reichert want it to be a destination that families -Mom's especially- go to get advice, ask questions, or just stop by to chat.  We're offering free weekly Mom's groups where we encourage Mom's to come by with their little ones to socialize with other Mom's. We've got a toddler friendly play zone, comfy seating area as well as a changing station." said Osper. "We want this to be a family friendly destination that Mom's come to know and trust.".

"We think our product lines will appeal to Mom's for a variety of reasons." said Sweet Cheeks manager Leslie Reichert. "There are so many benefits to using cloth diapers and so many misconceptions about them as well. A lot of  families don't realize how modern, cost effective, and environmentally friendly they've become.  Today's cloth diapers offer a huge variety of colors and styles.  They fit and perform really well, often better than disposables, and there's no more fiddling with safety pins as they all use plastic snaps or hook-n-loop fasteners. The other thing people may not realize is that they're about a 1/3 the cost of disposables."

"Most of the manufacturer's that we sell are made in the USA and use sustainable products like bamboo, hemp, and cotton." said Reichert. "We also like the fact that we're not adding another 40-50 disposable diapers a week into the waste stream, so they're a great way to go green."

The retail store will be open Tuesday through Saturday and can be reached at 207-361-4833 or online @ www.sweetcheeksdiapercompany.com