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York County EMA Well Check Registry Announcement

York County Emergency Management Agency will announce a new program that will be available for residents of York County that may require some assistance during a disaster or other wide spread emergency.  The York County Voluntary Well-Check Registry is a confidential system designed to maintain information by town of citizens  who have functional or mobility needs during an event local EMA Directors will have access to town specific listings and will be able to plan for assistance. 
On Wednesday March 30 at 2:00PM at York County Community Action facility 6 Spruce Street Sanford 2nd floor conference room at the  meeting of the York County District Public Health  Council  the program will be announced and will officially be available from local health care providers soon after the official announcement.   Many health care partners have been involved in the development of this program.  Several of the key individuals and agencies will be on hand at the announcement to be recognized.
Media representatives are encouraged to attend the announcement to learn more about this critical program.  We do not want anyone who may require some level of assistance during an evacuation.  Hurricane Katrina provided stories that no one ever wants to see repeated, this offering will go a long way to preventing those types of horrible stories from being repeated in Maine. 
The success of this program will depend on the individuals completing the information and returning it so it can be entered in the registry.  Help can be made available, if we are aware of the need.  Of course this does not relieve the citizens from having a personal plan for an emergency, this is one more resource available to assist.