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Beth Hill New Coordinator for Lifeline Personal Response System
Beth Hill New Coordinator for Lifeline Personal Response System


When Beth Hill, the new coordinator of the Mid Coast Senior Health Center’s Lifeline medical alert system, speaks about Lifeline, she speaks from experience and from the heart.  She discovered the service several years ago when while caring for her father who had multiple sclerosis.           

Hill follows in the footsteps of Rhode Jones, whose name and face is well known throughout the community for her personal caring and meticulous attention to Lifeline subscribers.  Jones recently retired after 10 years with Lifeline, which she expanded from about 300 to approximately 600 disabled and elderly individuals from 33 to 103 years old, in 25 communities from Yarmouth to Wiscasset.          

Lifeline helps individuals maintain independence. Connected through the subscriber’s telephone, Lifeline may be contacted 24 hours a day with the push of a button that the individual wears.  At that point, the telephone becomes a speaker system.  The client may ask for assistance, or might report any other emergency.  If Lifeline gets no response, emergency systems are activated.  Otherwise, Lifeline contacts the first of the designated responders listed on the client’s personal protocol file.       

That file lists contacts in order of preference, medications, hospital of choice, and medical history. Lifeline can be in contact with an ambulance as it responds to the caller.          

“Most people want to stay at home as long as they can; they want to care for themselves. Lifeline is  ‘insurance’ that when they need help, all it takes is a push of the button,” says Hill.  The signal extends 150 to 200 yards, meaning that it can be used outside the home.       

Hill personally installs and maintains Lifeline. “I get to know the people who use Lifeline. I can answer many of their questions about other local agencies and services that might be of benefit to them.”         

Lifeline is a national service that was implemented in the Mid Coast area through Mid Coast Health Services more than 25 years ago.  Each year, the Lovelight Tree fundraiser provides subscription subsidies to those who cannot afford the $42 monthly fee for individuals.           

For information about Mid Coast Senior Lifeline, located at the Mid Coast Senior Health Center, 58 Baribeau Drive, call (207) 373-3635.           

The Mid Coast Senior Health Center is the only facility in the Mid Coast Maine area that offers a full continuum of healthcare and wellness services for seniors under one roof.  These services include Thornton Hall Assisted Living, The Garden for the memory Impaired, Mere Point Skilled Nursing Care, Bodwell Sub-Acute Nursing and Rehabilitation Services, and Lifeline 24 hour a day Personal Response System.