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Social Media Monday - SocialandME.Com Open For Business
Social Media Monday - SocialandME.Com Open For Business


Social and Me was created to assist small business, cities and nonprofit groups utilize social media in a cost effective and strategic way.  We understand that in today’s busy world many do not have enough time to learn new platforms or marketing programs.  Social and Me feels that you should not have to spend $100s to $1000s of dollars to accomplish your marketing goals through social media.

At social and Me we are not about selling you services and products.  Our goal is to team up with you, review your current online presence, discuss your goals for growing and build an online and social media marketing plan that meets your personal and specific needs.

Looking to promote an event, want to build a Facebook page or improve the one you currently have – we are here for you.  Trying to increase your fan base, need to build profiles on twitter, Linkedin, foursquare or the numerous other social media platforms.  We want to help.

When you work with Social and Me there are no long term contracts, monthly fees or surprise charges.  You tell us what you are looking to accomplish and we will put together a plan and a cost schedule broken down so you can pick and choose what you would like to do, how you would like to do it and when you would like to do it.

Based on the most recent statistics – Social Media is not going to go away – It is only going to grow larger and stronger.  We want to help as many Southern Maine businesses get on the Social Media Marketing Train and not chase it as it leaves the station