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Movies: "Fast Five"

Movies:  "Fast Five"

With the arrival of “Fast Five” in movie theaters, I declare the summer movie season officially open.  


This continuation of the “Fast and Furious” franchise delivers all the rock-’em-sock-’em mayhem summer audiences are presumably looking for, while borrowing plot points from the far more sophisticated “Oceans Eleven” series.  Still, it’s a rousing action pic set in exotic Rio de Janeiro, which makes for a different point of view, I guess.


JON McLAUGHLIN- Sunday, May 1st at The Landing at Pine Point

JON McLAUGHLIN- Sunday, May 1st at The Landing at Pine Point

An exceptional singer, songwriter and pianist who is currently experiencing rising acclaim with his warm refreshing approach. McLaughlin opened on Kelly Clarkson's My December Tour & has also toured extensively with similarly styled and popular singer-songwriter, Sara Bareilles. He has recorded with Jason Mraz for the Randy Jackson duets-album. In 2008 Jon McLaughlin appeared as himself in the film Enchanted starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey singing "So Close", which led to a performance at the 2008 Academy Awards. In 2010 the song was used in Disney California Adventure's World of Color show.

Maine photographer Nance Trueworthy holds one day jewelry show at Kennebunkport gallery

Maine photographer Nance Trueworthy holds one day jewelry show at Kennebunkport gallery

Nance Trueworthy’s necklaces of semi-precious stones and pearls will be on display at Home & Away Gallery in Kennebunkport at a one day trunk show on Saturday May 7, from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Trueworthy creates uncommon, one-of a-kind designs. The process begins when she carefully selects each strand of freshwater pearls and fine gemstones. This is followed by the design phase. Faced with pearls and gemstones in a myriad of colors and shapes, she allows each design to emerge organically. Her patience in working with the materials pays off in exceptional combinations of colors and textures that are both pleasing and fun.

Lovers of nature have admired Nance Trueworthy’s fine photographs for decades.
About five years ago, Trueworthy became inspired by her love for the earth and sea to design necklaces that are simple, but elegant.

Movies: Hanna

Movies:  Hanna

“The Adjustment Bureau” was good.  “Source Code” was better.  “Hanna” is the best of the current crop of skillfully-made action movies. 

It’s been around for a few weeks, but if you’re an action fan, you owe it to yourself to see this one before it leaves the big screen. 

It’s a violent, modern-day fairy tale, with a plucky young girl fighting for her life against a host of wicked wolves, chief among them a renegade CIA agent, played by Cate Blanchett, slipping into and out of a southern accent.  (We know she’s a baddie the moment we see her brushing her big, scary teeth in an enlargement mirror.)

Movies: Jane Eyre

Movies:  Jane Eyre

How interesting that “Jane Eyre” is showing here alongside “The Conspirator.”   

Both are set in the mid-19th Century, meaning that both feature hoop skirts, period sets  and the type of formal English we never hear anymore.  But what a difference between Robert Redford’s bloodless Civil War drama and Cary Fukunaga’s warm and evocative re-telling of Charlotte Bronte’s romantic novel. 

The Internet Movie Data Base informs me that this is the 18th movie version of “Jane Eyre,” not counting seven different TV adaptations.  For my money, it’s  one of the best:  beautifully shot in all four seasons by Brazilian director and cinematographer Adriano Goldman, with a lush music score by Daria Marianelli and terrific acting by a worthy cast of knowns and unknowns.

Movies: The Conspirator

Movies:  The Conspirator

All the elements are here for a gripping drama: a presidential assassination, a dark conspiracy, a military tribunal.  So why does this earnest historical recreation of the post-Civil War era seem so flat? 

“The Conspirator” centers around the trial of Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), whose Washington boarding house was the meeting place of John Wilkes Booth and his band of Confederate sympathizers in the weeks leading up to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and simultaneous attempts on the lives of the Vice President and Secretary of State.   

Children & Adult Art Classes

Children & Adult Art Classes

Children and adult art classes will be held now through April 15, 2011 at River Tree Arts on 35 Western Avenue, Kennebunk.   For more information call (207) 967-9120.